4 Important Factors To Consider Before Hiring Airport Shuttle Services

Frequent air travelers often have to travel to the airport and from there, which usually comes along with plenty of hassles. However, to facilitate a stress-free journey, you can choose airport shuttle services for the trip. What things do you need to consider when choosing a shuttle to Melbourne airport , Sydney airport or Brisbane airport – irrespective of the airport you want to go to, here are few factors to account in before hiring shuttle services.

Does the shuttle offer door pickup services?

Many shuttle services generally pick up passengers from specific fixed locations. For instance, they might pick you up from a pickup point close to your hotel. It might not be difficult for you to get there, but it could be a serious disadvantage if you significant amount of luggage. It could make your travel even more stressful. Luckily, there are some shuttle services that offer door-to-door pickup services, though at a slightly higher price. Ensure to check this aspect before choosing a shuttle and also cross-check with the rates for the same.

Keep time and expediency in mind

The expediency of the shuttle is another vital factor to consider. There are several shuttles that provide services during specific hours of the day. So, ensure that they offer 24/7 services all year round before hiring one. Irrespective of how late your flight lands, you can stay at peace of mind that your transport is arranged.

Compare rates

Depending on the airport shuttle you opt for, you need to consider the overall rates. In general, hiring shuttle would depend on the distance and pickup charges. Few of them offer flat destination charges, while others charge on per passenger basis. Find out if the charges quoted include picking up or dropping only your party or any other passengers along the way.

Know their cancellation policy

You might have to cancel the shuttle due to some unavoidable reasons at times. So, know their cancellation terms and conditions before booking. Generally, most services don’t charge full fare if you cancel the shuttle two hours prior to the pickup time. However, you might have to pay in full otherwise. In any case, ensuring to know the policy terms in advance will help.

Now that you know what you need to consider before hiring a shuttle, go ahead with the booking factoring in all of these.

Everything You Need to Know about Steamboat

While your interests might lie in roasts and hot soups during the chilly winter months, a significant number of Chinese families love the concept of social dining around a good serving of steamboat. Singapore steamboat serves the purpose just fine. While steamboat is popularly known as hot pot and is largely considered to be an Asian version of stew, there are many things that you possibly wouldn’t know about the delicacy. Some of those things are as follows:

1. Steamboat has a soup base: Although vendors sell prepared bases made from peanuts and chilies, people often make their own bases using tomatoes or other similar herbs.

2. The main constituent is meat: Steamboat is becoming popular all across the globe and you could get an assortment of steamboat meat from vendors. The meat includes beef, pork and lamb.

3. Dumplings are also used in making Steamboat: Egg dumplings are mostly used to prepare the delicacy.

4. Usage of seafood: Seafood constitutes one of the primary ingredients of steamboat. The common seafood used includes fishes, squids, shrimps and oysters.

5. Vegetables are a must: Vegetables are largely used to neutralize the significant amount of protein that you would be consuming through steamboat. Leafy vegetables like cabbages and lettuces are primarily used.

6. Mushrooms add to the grandeur: To make the food more protein rich, mushrooms are also used.

7. Tofu is also recommended: To make the taste better, people also add a bit of tofu to the rich offering.

8. Noodles and sauces make it a delicacy: Without noodles and dipping sauces, the taste of steamboat is all but lost. If possible, green onions are added to make the flavour a little better.

9. Ensure sufficient ventilation: As the preparation is fumy, make sure that there is sufficient ventilation for the fume to go out or else a bad odour might emanate after the serving is consumed.

10. Wear casual clothes: The scent of the meats has the ability to permeate clothes. Thus, it is strongly suggested that you stick to the casual while sitting at the table to consume the food.

11. Caring for the leftover: The cooked meat at the end of the dinner could be stored in the refrigerator for a period not extending more than three days.

12. A couple of sets of chopsticks are used: One is used to handle the raw meat and the other is used to eat the cooked food.

Five Things to do on a Staycation

Singapore a tiny fishing village once, is now a city filled with skyscrapers and other large buildings. Once a relatively low populated area is now bustling with people in just half a century, that’s how fast the city has grown. Spending big for a family vacation has become a thing of the past. People have started trendy off beat vacationing like a stay-at-home vacation or ‘staycation’. It has become increasingly popular to stay at home and visiting the not so popular destinations. Cheap staycation in Singapore is very much possible due to many off beat places and activities which premium tourists or vacationers usually are unaware.

1. The hawker food market

Singapore can be a heaven for food lovers, and it isn’t expensive to enjoy these foods. The local markets are bustling with traditional shops that serve you all kind of Asian foods which is unlike any premium or luxury hotel. 20 dollars is all that takes to completely fill your stomach with delicious local dishes as well as popular Asian dishes. The Singaporean national dish called nasi lemak is found in these food markets which truly gives you a great experience on the cheap.

2. Singapore zoo and the night safari

This is unlike any experience you can buy, travelling around in the night among the animal’s natural habitat. There couldn’t be any many other experiences that could provide you with the same kind of thrill as watching the animals hunt and live in their natural habitat. This is much cheaper than staying a luxury hotel and doing the activities they recommend, which is really expensive.

3. A visit to the botanical garden

The botanical garden in Singapore can be a breath of fresh air in your life, with its amazing natural beauty and the tranquility you will experience from the place will be absolutely worth your time. Moreover it is cheaper than experiencing a spa session in any of the hotels. The national orchid garden is the star attraction as it spans over 7 acres with 60000 plants.

4. Standup comedy

Standup comedy is fast becoming a popular attraction in Singapore, what better way to loosen you than with lots of laughter. The entries are cheap with only 15 dollars required enter such shows which also comes with a free drink, talk about bargains.

5. Adventure playground

Experience thrills in these grounds with lots of obstacle courses themed according to different terrains. It is sure to bring in a great experience; moreover it is pretty cheap too.

Five Pocket-Friendly Hotels Near Sentosa, Singapore

The beautiful seaside resort of Sentosa located within 15 minutes distance from Singapore is one of the best known tourist attractions in this part of Asia. Tourists from around the world can find a hotel suited to their comfort and budget near Sentosa in Singapore to make their stay memorable. Though there are a few hotels within the resort itself which is a part of the Sentosa Resorts group the prices are a bit steep for budget travelers.

Here is a selection of hotels near Sentosa that are clean and comfortable and do not cause a dent in the guests pocket.

Sofitel Singapore Sentosa Resorts and Spa

This hotel which was part of the Sentosa Resorts has recently been taken over by Sofitel group and is a delightful place to stay with family or with a romantic partner. As it is located close to the resort the hotel provides regular shuttle services to the amusement park. Regarded as one of the best luxury hotels near Sentosa, Sofitel Singapore has well-kept rooms with picturesque views. Guests can relax in the pool or just laze around in the spa after a tiring day of enjoying in the resort.

Shangri La’s Rasa Sentosa Resort Spa

Located very close to the resort this beautiful hotel owned by Shangri La group has a large pool for the guests that is open till late evening hours of 9 PM and has a sumptuous buffet layout for dinner and lunch offering a wide variety of delicacies from around the world. It offers shuttle services to tourist locations like shopping center, MRT station and monorail station making it easy for guests to travel around the place.

Hard Rock Hotel

Built for people that love rock music, Hard Rock hotel near Sentosa has memorabilia about famous and lesser known rock stars in all rooms in the form of posters and interior d├ęcor. The hotel’s music system allows guests to select their personalized list of music which can keep playing in the background during their stay and even delivers a Fender guitar on request to accompany the music.

Festive Hotel

This hotel is the best place to stay if you are traveling with children as it has beds in the loft that they would love to consider as their secret lair. The outdoor swimming pool of this hotel near Sentosa has separate kids pool.

Ocean Suites

Part of the Sentosa resort these rooms are located close to the Open Ocean Habitat of the S. E. A. Aquarium. The bedrooms and bathroom has floor to ceiling windows that give guests a direct view inside the aquarium so they can watch fishes and other sea creatures going about their lives.