Just Can't Get Ahead

>> Tuesday, March 18, 2014

My daughter's flute is ready for the garbage can. It's giving her so many problems. She actually hyperventilated at her band concert last week because she had five solos (she's first chair) and she knew her flute wasn't going to let her play some of those notes. She was so upset and embarrassed.

I dread having to buy a new flute NOW though. She is a junior and school is out in May. She'll only use the flute the remainder of this school year and then the second semester of her senior year. I don't want to buy a new flute for that length of time - 2-1/2 months left this year and five months next year. That's a lot of money to spend for eight months of band.


My son also wants us to buy aax from guitar center for his drum kit but he's just going to have to wait. We need to do something about this flute that just couldn't make it another eight months!

I was so happy this month because we made the final payment on my daughter's braces. Now we might have to put money out for a flute. We just can't get ahead. Here I thought we'd be sitting pretty once child support was done. There's always something that needs money. 



Who does gluten-free? Do you like it? Does eating gluten-free really make you feel better? Have any good recipes to share so food actually tastes good gluten-free?


After the kids grow up...

>> Wednesday, March 12, 2014

So, it's been about eight months since the "legal" relationship with the ex ended. How's it been? 

Not too bad. 

We don't get bills from her in the mail anymore (yippee)! 

We don't get crap from the court anymore (yippee)! 

I don't have to track the support payments the court always messed up and argue with them over their inept bookkeeping (yippee)!

My husband has daily contact with his son. I have no idea how regular his contact is with his daughter. I don't ask. The kids and I periodically pass on Facebook but otherwise, they know where I am if they want a relationship. I generally only hear from my SD when she wants something so I don't go out of my way. They're adults and it's up to them. 


Kids & Cell Phones

Every month when that cell phone bill is due, I regret adding cell phones for the kids onto our plan. I like being able to get hold of them whenever I need them. I like knowing where my teenager is at any given time. I sometimes wonder how did WE get by as kids without them ourselves? Did my parents worry constantly while I was out on a date, wondering if I was where I said I'd be or if I was ok? However, I HATE that expensive phone bill every month. Maybe we should've had an extra trac phone instead for a kid to take with them when they went out - a pay as you go thing? A "gophone" for when they go (and do they really need a cell phone when they are home to talk to their friends on when there are other methods available)?

I saw goconnect iphone app and got excited thinking it was some type of "gophone" for iphones so my teenager could have her iPhone (mom, everybody has an iPhone...yada, yada, yada) without the huge (contract) monthly expense on our phone bill. My bad. It's a real estate app for realtors.

Got my hopes up for a minute there that there was some way to reduce our monthly phone bill. When our contract is up, things are going to have to change. It's just too expensive having five cell phones on a contract plan every month.

Do your kids have cell phones? Do you regret giving them a cell phone or do you prefer they have one?


School Band

>> Tuesday, February 18, 2014

I just realized that when my oldest graduates high school (2015), my youngest will just be starting fifth grade. She'll be in band so if she chooses the same instrument as my daughter, she can just her flute since my oldest is going onto vet school, not music! Yippee (on using the same instrument)! She is trying to decide between flute and drums right now. While I'd like not having to buy another instrument (she'd be our fourth kid, fourth band instrument), I think it'd be cool to have a kick butt girl on drums in the band. My son is in the drum line and it's WAY cool.

Who knows, maybe she'll choose clarinet instead and have me looking for a clarinet and clarinet cases instead. Eh, I'll bet she chooses drums!


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