Guitar Enthusiasts

>> Friday, September 5, 2014

Check out sales going on right now on instruments and accessories. It's not just back to school clothing sales right now. Many places have guitar center fender guitar parts. We need to find our oldest a new flute for the last half of her senior year (her flute decided not to make it her final year of high school) so I've been looking around. I think we'll end up renting one since she will only need it from November through May and then she'll be done unless we find such a great sale we can't pass it up. We can pass it to our middle daughter who also plays the flute.


Date Your Spouse

How often should married couples "date" each other? Once a week? Once a month? Do they?

I've been thinking about it lately because it seems like everything we do and everywhere we go is kid related. It's not bad, obviously, that we are both so involved in our kids' sports and stuff (my parents didn't even show up on parents night to walk me out on the field so we GO to our kids' activities) but I've been wondering if we're letting the one on one thing go too much?

Our oldest is now a senior in high school. Our youngest has nine more years until she graduates. In nine years, all four of our kids will (hopefully) be in college, successful on their own, etc. I wonder sometimes if we are going to look at each other, when our kids are gone, and go, "Who are you?"

Some people hash out time for a movie date or dinner out (do you hold all conversation about the kids for another time?), maybe clubbing (too old for that scene), dance lessons (dance doctor anyone?). I've not had gun range time in awhile. Maybe we can make dinner and gun range time a date? Ha Ha.


Me? Own a Riding Stable?

>> Tuesday, July 22, 2014

So, what kind of insurance do you need if you own a riding and boarding stable? One of the houses we are looking at, and considering, has a successfully run boarding stable that comes along with it (it's actually where our horses have been boarded for the past eight years). I'd imagine it'd have to be a bit more than just regular homeowner's insurance. Do you insure big tractors? I have NO CLUE obviously.

I guess looking up the small business insurance requirements will be on my list to do. Might want to look up this website - auto insurance and check our auto rates while we are at it and see if there's any special requirements for pulling a horse trailer, etc. with our auto insurance. I'm used to boarding, not running, so this will be all new to us if we go ahead with it.


Big Medical Bills for the Ex

>> Monday, July 14, 2014

Yeah, our health fund is gone due to the ex/stepkids. Our four minor kids don't need full health insurance coverage for the rest of year I guess. That's going to cost us the rest of the year now.

Funny thing is about this whole situation, and I have to admit I laughed my behind off quite a bit over this...

The ex went so far over the health fund MOST of the deductible we have to meet before insurance will partially pick up coverage again was applied to all the visits she took the ADULT stepkids too. She cost us a few hundred dollars of that deductible out of our pocket but the rest - it's all hers since she hasn't cut the umbilical cord to the adult kids yet. Yes, she is still paying their bills and doing everything for them like they're still 12. How about actually having SS get a job and help pay his medical bills? Nah, that would be too logical and adult-like.

She contacted hubby yesterday asking him about the insurance. It seems she had some of these big bills come in.  Oops. It's the same insurance we've always had. It just worked out (FINALLY) that that deductible is mostly going to be paid by her now (usually, the way the claims went in, WE got stuck with it and are still paying on those bills from last year). Not this year!! *high five*

I ripped into my husband yesterday about their conversation over the insurance. I'm just tired. There should be no conversation with her about this. This issue isn't between HER and HIM, it's between his ADULT kids and him. I'd just had it and blew. The excuse...they don't know about insurance doesn't fly with me. Just because their mother babies them doesn't mean WE have to as well. Explain it to them. They aren't stupid adults, just too dependent on their mommy. If mommy needs to know, let THEM tell her. SHE isn't in "our" equation anymore.

I can't wait until the enrollment period comes around again so we can take a few adults off our policy.



After all these years, I still get SO SICK of this situation at times. Like now.

Who thought the ex would disappear after the kids turned 18 (except for graduations, etc.)? Oh, silly me, I did.

What was I thinking?


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